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Data Center

Enjoy complete control over powerful hardware with our web hosting service, where clients have exclusive access to an entire server.

Cloud Services

Our Cloud Instances offer unmatched performance at unbeatable prices. Compare us with others and witness it for yourself.

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Our Features & Solutions

When you choose our storage service, you can be confident that you will have exclusive access to all its resources, resulting in optimal performance. Our servers are assembled and maintained by our expert teams to deliver optimized configurations for your projects. With our 33 datacenters located globally, you can deploy your servers in less than 120 seconds, and take advantage of our secure and high-resilience network to ensure uninterrupted service for your customers. By building your infrastructure on OVHcloud dedicated servers, you can establish a reliable technical platform for your business applications.

IT Management

With 15 highly-trained managers available 365 days a year, you can be confident that you will receive outstanding assistance.

Cyber Security

Our security team comprises 25 or 64 highly-trained specialists, ensuring a great support experience for all our customers.

IT Consultancy

Additionally, we employ proprietary optimization scripts to manage load on our servers.


We employ our own optimization scripts to effectively manage server loads.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting grants clients exclusive access and full control over hardware resources.

Cloud Services

Experience fast, flexible, and powerful cloud instances at an unbeatable price. Compare our services and see the difference for yourself.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, also known as virtual hosting, allows you to host your website on a single physical server alongside other sites.

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